All-Inclusive Accounts Management

Let our team of IG experts help you skyrocket your Instagram account to new worldly heights. Go, really, go enjoy that margarita!

Build an Authentic Audience

Everyone knows the importance of an audience to get that message across. Hey, that’s the essence of marketing! Imagine increasing your follower base without lifting a finger. is here to give you the edge and much more.

Convert Followers to Leads

Alrighty then! With any business, having an audience is great, but will they convert to leads or sales? This is our specialty, we can turn your followers into money in your pocket. Just ask us how!

Coaching & Latest Strategies

Each plan comes with a dedicated Account Expert, that’s right! But what if you want to learn more? Don’t be left behind with outdated techniques and strategies as Instagram changes course. Our IG experts will keep you up to date on the latest everything, define your goals, and guide you on the path of success with Instagram.

Ready for a guarantee win on Instagram?

If you’re not satisfied with the results by the 30 day mark, we’ll continue to work you until those results are met – at no additional cost to you!



Per Month, USD incl Tax.

  •  Real and Targeted Growth
  •  Automated Activity
  •  Real Followers & Likes
  •  “Geo-Niche” Targeting
  •  Smart Growth

EARTH Bound!


$199 Popular

Per Month, USD incl Tax.

  •  Real and Targeted Growth
  •  Automated Activity
  •  Real Followers & Likes
  •  “Geo-Niche” Targeting
  •  Hybrid Optimization
  •  Dedicated Support
  •  Supercharged Growth

To the MOON!



Per Year, USD incl Tax.

  •  Everything from MOON (Save 20%)
  •  Real Followers & Likes
  •  Hybrid Optimization
  •  Dedicated Support
  •  Supercharged Growth

To MARS and Beyond!

What do customers think of

Thank you for your service! Been running more than 50 of your proxies for a couple months now with no problems. Very high quality service and support!

J. Rich
CEO, J. Rich Social Marketing

Excellent accounts management service, love it. Recommended to a few people already!!!

Jody W.
Owner, Do-Or-Diers Tribe

Everything [the proxies] is working well this end as some feedback. No blocks! Going nice and gentle.

Sam B.
Owner, Sam Bearfoot - Making Visibility Effortless

With MonsterLabs’s high speed proxies and affordable rates, we’ve been able to take our business to the next level. Without MonsterLabs, we wouldn’t be able to provide the industry leading prices with quality assurance that we pride ourselves with today.

Nenad J.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect the results to kick in?

After the initial setup with defining your account’s geolocation and niche (“GEO-NICHE”), you can expect a bit of spark of growth in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

What is “Geo-Niche”?

“Geo-Niche” is a lingo used in the Social Media Marketing world to define the combination of geolocation with a specific niche. The combination helps zero in on your target audience.

For example, say your IG account is representing a local bakery in San Francisco, California. Your targeted audience should be in the San Francisco area and those who love baked goods! This is just a simple example, but we definitely do a detailed analysis to define: related performing hashtags, similar accounts, local niche influencers and brands, and more.

Is my Instagram account safe?

Absolutely! We take every necessary measures to secure your account without compromising performance. This includes staying within IG’s limits, use of our in-house infrastructures (proxy networks, private tools, expert team, and more), and genuine growth techniques.

How can I make my Instagram account amazing?

Anyone ever tell you knowledge is power? Good News. We’re here to help you grow (and not just grow your Instagram account)! With every Plan, you get:

  • An Account Expert to put your account on course.
  • Access to our IG Resource Library.
  • Our continuously updating News section.
  • 1-on-1 Consultation Calls (by appointment).