The BulletProof Proxy

Designed for Instagram

Unlike any other proxies…

Don’t think of it as a “proxy server”, but something in between. The BulletProof Proxy works alongside with your IG bot. It is designed to make your bot more effective and efficient. Of course, resulting in way less blocks!

  • The BulletProof Experience

    What you get out of using a BulletProof Proxy for IG botting:

    • Significantly cheaper than Mobile Proxy.
    • See a major reductions in blocks and compromised issues.
    • Plug and play functionality.
    • Made in-house by our MonsterLabs R&D Team.
    • Be able to use API features again!
    • Works well on public IG automation software.

  • How smart is it?

    It is quite revolutionary! To keep it simple, the BulletProof Proxy takes the request from your IG bot and process it a little differently so it’s not easily detected and works effectively like a Mobile Proxy – but without the Mobile Proxy cost!

  • Will my bot API work again?

    Since the massive IG updates, many bots has suffer from issues such as blocks and compromised messages through using the API. With our BulletProof Proxy, API functionality works again* and is designed to work well alongside the embedded browser counterparts.

    * With normal “human like” actions and usage.

All the Smart in a Proxy

The BulletProof Proxy is built with all the smarts and ease-of-use at its core — all you have to do is, plug in the proxy into your IG bot and watch it work like magic!

Each BulletProof Proxy can support up to 5 accounts*

Ready to Rock and Roll?

$20.00 / 30 days