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Not all proxies are made the same. Knowing makes all the difference between failure and success.

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What makes us different?

You know the phrase, “from farm to table”. That’s like us, except we start with the hardware and provide you with freshly-made quality proxies at great rates.

Farm to Table

Top-notch quality and great rates, can’t get better than that! We do it by eliminating the middlemen, so every proxy you get is from the source.


Globally Connected

Over 70 cities in 23 countries across 6 continents (sorry, Antarctica!). Our exclusive proxy networks got you covered globally.


Design for Scalability

Modular in hardware design gives us an edge over the competition, Scalability is a non-existing issue for those folks that need more horsepower!


Experience Personal Quality

MonsterLabs.io is built on world-class infrastructure and ease-of-use at its core — whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, we got you covered from Day One.

Each proxy purchase includes attentive customer support — yes, they are real Earthlings.

Types of Connections Matter

  • Datacenter

    To simply put it, it’s a connection that comes from a datacenter. These connections are usually very fast, but the bandwidth is usually splice and share among all the lovely local machines.

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    The CONS

    – Detection: Very easily detected and can be blacklisted even faster.

  • Residential

    Residential proxy is kind of a different breed. It is like using your local Internet Service Provider’s home internet connection for the good of mankind.

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    The CONS

    – Availability: Unlike its datacenter counterparts, there aren’t too many folks can provide residential proxies.
    – Price: Residential proxies are a bit steeper, but with MonsterLabs.io, our rates beat the market any day!
    – Speed: Think home internet connection; it can be as fast as your home fiber connection. Our networks are!

  • Mobile

    Your cellphone uses 3G/4G connection. That’s it! A mobile proxy is like using a 3G/4G connection from the closest cell tower to go online.

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    The CONS

    – Availability: It is even a bit more scarce. Not many folks can provide such high quality mobile proxies.
    – Price: The steepest pricing for a proxy there is, but it works like a charm for most services.
    – Speed: The proxy can only go as fast as your mobile connection provides.

  • BulletProof*

    A specially curated proxy network developed and designed by MonsterLabs.io.

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    The CONS

    – Availability: These AREN’T “a dime a dozen” because they are specially made by our in-house team.